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The Disciplines of Object Orientation in C#

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November 8, 2014 8:45 AM

Wake Tech Main Campus

Wake Tech Main Campus

This session explores the craft of object-oriented programming in C# and the disciplines that comprise that craft. We'll go beyond the principles to see the real-world benefits that good object-oriented design can bring to our projects, our businesses and our satisfaction as developers.

This is not a letter-by-letter presentation of the SOLID principles; it is about starting at zero and progressively build up a repertoire of skills that can be used to build highly-flexible, highly-maintainable projects.

The first portion of the presentation will be directly applicable for those who have been programming in C# for a little while and are interested in starting to learn about and apply OO principles and patterns. As we progress through the hour, early learners will see the practical, long-term benefits of following OOP as the material becomes more directly applicable for experienced practitioners.

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