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Web Components: The Dawn of the Reusable Web

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December 4, 2014 10:20 AM

London, UK

London, UK

Modern web developers are drowning in a sea of div tags and JavaScript libraries. Our markup isn’t semantic. And there’s no standard for creating components that can be shared across projects. But there’s great news: Web components are coming to the rescue, and will dramatically redefine the way web apps are built. Learn how to create rich, powerful, and reusable components using tools you've already mastered: HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. Explore the mysterious Shadow DOM and learn how it encapsulates components from manipulation by the outside world. And review the beauty and simplicity of injecting dependencies via HTML imports. These technologies are cutting-edge, but this session discusses how to begin leveraging their power to create reusable components that run in modern browsers, today!

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