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Self-documenting Code: A Mob Powered Vocabulary Lesson

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December 4, 2014 9:00 AM

London, UK

London, UK

Writing code for the computer is easy. Writing code your co-workers can maintain and understand is hard. So in this live, interactive refactoring session, you’ll learn how to write code with readability in mind by discussing an ugly chunk of code together. We’ll transform a sloppy class into a beacon of self-documenting beauty. And along the way, we’ll build a strong vocabulary for clean coding practices. I’ll facilitate the conversation and help lead the refactoring, but also look to the crowd to contribute viewpoints on how to clean the mess up! The application we’ll dissect is written in C#, but the principles and vocabulary you’ll take away apply to developers working in any C-like language. Prepare for a loud, hands-on session, as we learn key terminology for clean coding by rallying around the keyboard!

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