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Introducing the UX Quadrant: a tool to map your UX profile and skills, plan your career and recruit practitioners

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September 11, 2014 3:15 PM

cambridge, UK

cambridge, UK

The extent of skills, roles and responsibilities that lay within the UX label are becoming greater as more professionals embrace the discipline, and UX itself becomes more in demand from teams and businesses for products of all types.

Through presenting UX to other professionals, and explaining the breadth and width of roles, tools and skills underneath the UX label, I've been developing a grid, borne of an original design by Adaptive Path and expanded by Jason Mesut.

The UX quadrant aims to help UXers, current and aspiring, acquire an understanding of their personal traits and preferred behaviours in order to identify areas of UX they are most suited for, then explore neighbouring areas they could develop into. It also aims to help with recruitment by creating profiles of candidates that enable comparison of suitability for the job's specific skills requirements.

In this presentation, I will share my findings and challenge the audience to map themselves onto the UX quadrant grid, in order to stress-test the model amongst peers. Following a brief presentation of the concept, I will moderate practical mapping of participants onto the map, and coach them through exploring the proposition.

Intended for participants curious about their UX career and keen to understand better which skills they can develop most easily based on their natural behaviour and tendencies, this presentation will explore the attitudes often seen in UX from research to interaction design, information strategy to experience strategy, and will equip participants with a tool to map their career with clarity and intention.

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