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Design and Development - how to have a great distributed team

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September 13, 2014 11:00 AM

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Everybody’s got a role in a team, a label they can claim for their authority: product owner, project manager, technical architect, lead [insert specialty here], designer, etc. With everyone clearly signposted and having a job to do, projects should just roll: Have designers design, managers manage and developers develop, put it all in a room, add pizza and a few months and hop, product is borne, everybody goes for drinks gets a handshake from the CEO and is sad it’s over. Actually, if you’ve worked in digital, you know that recipe doesn’t work so well. So, what can be done? Is it best to point a firm finger at the ceiling and blame management? I firmly believe everyone on the team can do something towards making team-work a success, and I will share with you my experience of working well together, across distance and difficulties.

From understanding how design and code can work well together to overcoming obstacles, I will help you figure out new ways for you to work better with others, in co-located and distributed teams, and do a job you can really be proud of, without ever having to say again “oh but it was so difficult getting there”. Practical take-aways from this talk include tools I favor, why telephone conference calls are always a bad idea, practical advice to engage colleagues, clients and stakeholders in working collaboratively and my favorite way of creating a strong bond with team members.

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