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Interaction Design with AJAX

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July 21, 2010 9:30 AM

The Wharton School

The Wharton School

Incorporating Ajax into both existing and new web pages can dramatically increase the ease of use. You improve flow, reduce errors, and increase both satisfaction and performance. Don't be fooled though. Ajax done well provides these improvements. However, Ajax done poorly is nothing short of frustrating, effectively neutralizing the advantages of using Ajax in the first place.

Highly sought-after Ajax expert, Derek Featherstone, comes to the rescue. He'll show you how to leverage this technique, and make each page feel interactive and easier to use. You'll learn how to decide exactly when an Ajax implementation will deliver the best results.

You'll love Derek's great collection of Ajax examples. Tour the latest approaches to designing interactive elements. Understand how to focus your users' attention on the important components, while letting less critical parts of the screen (literally) fade into the background. Learn the tricks and techniques employed by today's most advanced sites, like Google's Gmail,, and Netflix.

Your mind will fill with new ideas as Derek demonstrates how to:

  • Use your users' mental models—how they think about problems and their solutions—to effectively design with Ajax
  • Avoid the trap of using Ajax for everything
  • Identify the low-hanging fruit with techniques that are easy to implement right away

You'll leave confident and inspired to use Ajax to create designs that feel natural and delight your users.

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