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How the Best Get to the Top: Insights into the Top Design Studios Success

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January 8, 2015 11:00 AM

Austin, TX

Austin, TX

What makes a leader of a digital design team successful? How do they build the best possible team? What was their journey? What is their approach to culture, process and management? What are the core factors that influence their decisions? For a long time Richard Banfield has been fascinated by Digital Design Leadership, so he made it the focus of a two-year long study. The objective of the study was to gain insights into what makes leaders of successful digital design studios and digital product companies different from the rest. He is half-way through the study and so far and has interviewed 50+ studio founders, digital product company CEOs, and product leads. The interviews have already taken him to Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Portland, Boulder, Denver, NYC, Austin, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Bristol, Boston, and Madrid. In this talk, Richard will share what he has learned so far and will begin to reveal the patterns of how we can all mimic this success.

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