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Creating Healthy Client Relationships: the Key to Not Hating Client Services Work

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January 9, 2015 12:00 PM

Austin, TX

Austin, TX

In this breakout, Tracey will explore how to set client expectations early and how you manage and nurture those relationships throughout the engagement and beyond. The session will cover some tricks to help your SOWs do some relationship management for you, what kinds of red flags you should watch out for when you’ve got potential bad clients lurking, and how to get rid of toxic clients. She'll talk about:

  • What makes a great client and how to keep the love flowing for years after a project is completed
  • Services Agreements (important legal stuff to give you the “outs” you may need)
  • Milking the good clients for references and testimonials
  • When ongoing services contracts make sense (and how to craft them)
  • How to leverage good client relationships to grow your company.

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