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More Than Cheesesteaks: Can a Web Design Process Reinvent Philadelphia?

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August 21, 2010 7:25 AM

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

Passionate about our city? Check. Evangelists for the region? Check. But did this exuberance for our city really mean that the Happy Cog design process was adequate enough to shift the needle on the “Philadelphia” brand? Did we have the necessary methods and techniques in our toolbox to change decades of poor impressions?

While everyone has personalized approaches to create beautiful web sites, designers should always BE hungry to improve process and product. This is especially important when the task at hand is changing the public’s impression of an entire region. Starting with our initial “anti-Rocky” inspiration and then ending with the creation of a simple yet nightmare-inducing UI element, you’ll get a frank step-by-step exposure to the potent mix of design-related exercises, methods, and tactics that Happy Cog design team employed at

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