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Be a Greedy Bastard: Do More with Content Strategy!

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August 21, 2010 10:25 AM

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

If you rock design, IA, SEO, or social media, let’s talk. What do you really want? Maybe to better understand your clients' needs? Help them see how your tactical decisions align with their communication goals? Maybe just to minimize rounds of revision and optimize the project budget? Whatever your area of focus in shaping the user experience, partnering with a content strategist can help you hit those goals. 2010 has been a breakout year for the industry, so let's talk about how you can incorporate insights from this aspect of interaction design into your next project. We'll discuss how the questions a content strategist brings to the table can enrich your deliverables and benefit your end users—and how you can reframe the RFP to upsell content strategy in your next pitch.

All while looking taller, thinner, younger, tanner, because you deserve all that too, and content strategy can—well, some things you need to just do on your own.

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