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You F*cked Up. Now What?

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August 21, 2010 12:15 PM

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

“Where did we go wrong? Is it my fault? Can this be salvaged? Should it?”

The life of a project is complex. From the smallest freelance CSS gigs to the largest, multi-year strategic online initiatives, many forces come together into a system that can, with one bad e-mail or misunderstanding, pull itself apart at any minute.

Pulling from his own experiences at Happy Cog and those of leaders in the web design community, Kevin will share war stories that have led to new approaches to defining project scope, managing risks, and communicating with clients. And if when the unthinkable happens and it’s time to abandon the ship, he’ll illustrate how to make the best of a bad situation in ways that you can use throughout your career.

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