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Better Contracts. Better Code.

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August 5, 2010 12:00 PM

Lipscomb University, One University Park Drive, Nashville, TN 37204

Lipscomb University, One University Park Drive, Nashville, TN 37204

Languages like C# do a pretty good job at compile time helping us to avoid some of the things that can go wrong at runtime. But they don't do everything that languages could to make sure we keep our code "between the ditches", so to speak. For example, what kinds of non-null reference, arithmetic and array handing obligations does your code hide from its callers? Unfortunately, writing guard code inside a method doesn’t help the callers of that method to know what their obligations are. And when your testing tools can’t discover those obligations, it’s up to you to find all the boundary conditions on your own, hoping that you’ve covered all the bases. There must be a better way. In this talk, we’ll go deep into a set of tools from Microsoft's DevLabs called Code Contracts. You’ll learn how to write code that acts like the best kind of documentation you can imagine: live documentation that programmers don’t have to read, documentation that becomes enforceable and measurable across functional boundaries. If you ever wanted to walk away from a code base and feel truly confident about the quality of your work, check out Code Contracts.

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