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In-Depth with the SSIS Script Component

A talk by Todd McDermid

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November 4, 2010 9:00 AM

Date/Time TBA The Script component is the Swiss Army knife of data transformation in Integration Services. If there isn't a built-in transformation that will parse, reformat, restructure, or otherwise mash your data the way you need, then you should look to the Script transform. The Script component has access to SSIS variables, connections, and all of the columns in the data flow. It can act as a data source (perhaps reading information from a web service), a destination (maybe writing to an EDI text file), or a transformation (possibly encrypting a column's contents). The Script component has full access to the .Net Framework, so the possibilities are endless. But there are a lot of ground rules a .Net developer or SSIS package developer needs to know before they can effectively solve problems with the Script. Learn what you need to know to add the Script component to your ETL toolbox.

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