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Towards an Agile Proficiency Model

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August 28, 2010 12:00 PM

Viget Labs, Falls Church, VA

Viget Labs, Falls Church, VA

In a past life, I spent several years working for a company that struggled to implement the CMMi, a "maturity model" for software engineering practices promoted by Carnegie Melon, and favored in some Government contracting circles. While the CMMi doesn't have a good reputation in the context of agile methodologies, some of the ideas have merit... in particular, the visibility and self-reflection offered by the introspection process should seem like a formalized retrospective to agile practitioners. Can we 'steal' some of the ideas from formal models like the CMMi and ISO 9000 to come up with an 'agile proficiency model' that can help guide a company's process improvement efforts? While the idea might be controversial, There are several compelling reasons to try.

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