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Cross Platform Mobile Apps with the Ionic Framework

A talk by Troy Miles

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February 3, 2015 9:00 AM

Mobile+Web DevCon

Mobile+Web DevCon

What happens when you combine Google's AngularJS, the super cool JavaScript MVC Framework with Apache Cordova, the cross platform mobile framework using web technology? You get the Ionic Framework.

With Ionic you build mobile apps using the web technology you already know. Think the apps will be slow and clunky? Think again, Ionic comes out of the box with well design CSS3 classes to make beautiful and fluid apps. Using Cordova and jQuery Mobile already? Well, with Ionic you will learn to love mobile development again. No more write-only spaghetti code, Ionic makes it easy to create clean, testable, logical mobile apps. Need to support tablet and phone in the same app? Ionic has you covered. You can create one app which uses responsive design to change its look based on the device's screen dimensions.

In this session, we will build an app together to show many of Ionic's major features including CollectionRepeat, UI Widgets, Modals, and Slide Boxes. We will also discuss development workflow, debugging and which tools we use.

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