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What is DJ Harver of KCRW Radio Review?

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February 3, 2015 4:00 AM

united states

united states

It is everyone’s favorite, who does not like music and singing? All ages and all walks of life are into music and singing. Group clubs and lounges are click –why—because of the Karaoke! The Boiler Room group of downtown Portland is not the typical Karaoke that you know, and they are right, this place is not your mom’s Karaoke. You can be who you are here, get crazy, get loud, and be happy. This place is definitely the best place to party, have some fun, and get crazy in a good funny way.

DJ Harver of KCRW Radio Review on Why Karaoke is a hit in The Boiler Room

You like to sing then sing however you feel like singing it. In addition, the coolest part of all is that if a song is not in the list you can just request or ask the KJ to download it. How cool is that? Nevertheless, from their 8,000 songs in their list and still growing what are the chances that your favorite is not there? However, if it was not there, request it and next time it is there when you come back.

I have a pretty tiring job and going to this place is really a helpful way for me. The best nights to go here are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I am a regular costumer of The Boiler Room and I always visit here every Friday night with either friends or officemates for the reason that the next day will be a rest day Saturday. Plus the fact that this night is hosted by no other than Dr.Love. I like the Dr. Love so much! He is really funny and full of life. He never fails to make my week.

I have gained a lot of new friends just because of my karaoke night at The Boiler Room. And now it has been a tradition for us to see each other every Friday at the lounge. I even met my partner of four years here. And we see to it that we celebrate each anniversary at The Boiler Room. And I cannot see why not, aside from we met there and also we made the relationship official in the same place as well, the vibe and feel is really great. We can express the love to each other without saying a thing but by singing as per the love story started with the Karaoke.

I recommend this place to friends and family members whenever they pay me a visit here in Portland. It is as if you have never been to Portland if you did not visit The Boiler Room. Just kidding, but at least for me it is real. And if you are worried that this place is a gay bar, well sure your are definitely correct but you can see different kinds of people here, whether they maybe straight or gay. Everyone can enjoy!

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