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SV TCL & Associates Probe Company China Japan: SV Tokyo Cathode Laboratories (TCL and Associates) Product Review (Part II)

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February 10, 2015 10:00 PM

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

SV TCL and Associates offers a wide array of semiconductor products being utilized in many popular consumer applications. Here is a continuation of the previous list published on this website:

Vertical Space Transformers – SV TCL’s TrioTM vertical and LogicTouchTM fine- pitch vertical technologies provide an interconnect, also referred to as a space transformer (ST), used between the printed circuit-board and the probe head. This process transfers the test signal.

SV TCL also provides various types of space transformers, every one of which can be used for any specific advantage and application. Some options include the following:

– Wired & Advanced Wired (WST or AWST)

– Rigid

– Multi-Layer Ceramic (MLC)

– Multi-Layer Organic (MLO)

– Direct Attach

– Modular (MSTTM)

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