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February 17, 2015 10:00 PM

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

At LTD & Associates Inc. we believe that knowledge is more valuable and powerful than natural resources and that success comes to the companies that have the best information.

We have the experience and knowledge to implement investigative and security solutions, while working with our client partners, to bring about a realistic and cost effective way of providing desired results.

Knowing and understanding client needs has earned us a solid business reputation, which will continue to effectively respond to all of your immediate and long term investigative and security concerns.

Commitment to Security Solutions

Our entire organization is committed to ensuring that our clients are able to carry out their daily operations without interference from unwanted sources. Furthermore, our investigative and security research personnel have developed and maintain effective strategic alliances, which coupled with many years of combined police service experience, developed at the investigative and management level by the company’s founding principals, allows for prompt, efficient and confidential service.

During the 1980’s the firms owners began a partnership during their police careers, which resulted in the successful completion of a record number of joint Federal, Provincial, Municipal and International security and investigative operations. The year 2000 has seen this effective and professional team once again join forces to establish a truly international firm, committed to providing complete investigative and security services to individuals and businesses both large and small throughout the world.

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