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30 UNDER 30 SESSION – Get Your Product on Shelves

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April 8, 2015 2:15 PM

Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN

As the founders of Tessemae’s All Natural, brothers Matthew, Brian, and Greg Vetter started their salad dressing empire with a simple premise: To bring the best of their mom’s kitchen to yours. So far, they’re on their way. The Annapolis, Maryland–based company already has fervent fans who have launched the line of dressings to the No. 1 spot in its category at Whole Foods and Safeway. The company’s 22 products, which are all gluten free, sugar free, and vegan friendly, reeled in about $35 million in sales last year, up from $4 million in 2013. Learn how three brothers took a family recipe and turned it into a multimillion-dollar business and a top-selling product.

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