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The hitchhiker's guide to client side persistent data storage

A talk by Jens Arp

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September 26, 2010 7:00 AM

Plugin-independent client side data storage, like HTML5 powered localStorage or IndexedDB, is becoming more relevant every day, though it had been there for ages. In fact, IE 5.5 was the first browser to offer data persistence in other forms than cookies. However, today, as we are online most of our time, handling offline situations has become important for many web apps. And for mobile dev, storage is crucial: You wouldn't want to pull some hundred k of data via a slow connection again and again.

"This talk will take a tour around existing client side storage mechanisms. We'll start with cookies and see why it's a bad place to stay. Then we'll quickly move on to the good neighbours, visiting ancient places as well as futuristic ones and investigating their ins and outs. And we'll also stop by the frameworks/wrappers that give easy access to them. To make things more interesting, we'll then board a submarine and dive into the crazy world of mobile devices, it's special demands and see what options exist over there. Finally, we'll have a look at performance and security concerns. Don't forget your towel!"

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