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The Front-end Takeover

A talk by Aaron Quint

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September 26, 2010 12:00 PM

We promise (really) that Aaron will talk about an actual JavaScript related topic!

With all the talk and hype over server side platforms and technologies, somehow we've been neglecting the most ubiquitous and widely used javascript platform - the browser. Differences aside, the web browser and the desktop are becoming more and more entwined and just generally faster. Now is our chance to make web applications that surpass the usefulness and awesomeness of desktop counterparts. Sure, there are technologies that allow you to bring desktop style code to the web. With Sammy.js, I'm more interested in creating web style apps that can compete as desktop experiences. Sammy.js is a very simple framework for organizing browser based javascript applications. Despite its size, when combined with other cutting edge technologies, (CouchDB, other RESTful DB's, Comet) it becomes a very powerful way to write entirely front-end, entirely JavaScript applications. I'll walk through the basics of Sammy, show some cool examples of Sammy in production, and talk about new features and technologies that make this all a pretty exciting time to be writing JS.

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