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OOCSS for JavaScript Pirates

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October 16, 2010 9:30 AM

Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel, Boston, MA

Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel, Boston, MA

At first glance, Object-Oriented CSS looks like yet another rehash of CSS "best practices". Maybe the OO part caught your attention briefly before you dismissed it as a gimmick. Who cares about CSS anyways? I'm a JavaScript Pirate! CSS is for lollygaggers and deck scrubbers!

That's what these JavaScript Pirates thought, too, at first. But now that we're skilled in the arcane art of OOCSS, we've come to realize that it not only helps us write better CSS, but it also helps us write much better JavaScript!

You too will be able to create kick-ass web apps that are engineering marvels -- able to withstand high seas and hurricane-force winds -- er... or at least unreasonable customer demands.

First, we'll review the basics of OOCSS. Then, we'll delve deeper. Way deeper.

Attending pirates will learn how to:

1) use OOCSS principles to modularize HTML into reusable components, 2) mate these components with CSS rules and JavaScript ""controllers"", and 3) identify and implement inheritance patterns in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

More importantly, pirates will discover several little-known secrets about OOCSS. These ""secrets"" are tips and techniques that you won't find in any book, tutorial, or treasure map. They're not even divulged on the OOCSS Github repository! Once you see them in action, you'll never want to do it the ""old way"" again.

For certain, by the end of this session, you will: 1) have a much greater appreciation for CSS, 2) understand several simple, yet powerful, techniques for applying OOCSS, and 3) feel much more confident about creating and maintaining large web apps.

Arrrrrr, matey!!! Let the wind blow!

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