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The Next-Gen WLAN: An Enterprise Roadmap

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April 28, 2015 1:00 PM

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV

WiFi is now the prefereed access method for end users, partners, and customers. But new forces are propelling wireless networks into uncharted territory. This workshop provides a roadmap of emerging technologies and trends to help you navigate.

We'll start with 802.11ac. Phase one is here and phase two is on the horizon, and we'll get you up to speed on what's new and provide guidance on update strategies. But 11ac isn't the only story. The "software-defined" movement is making its way to the wireless network, but is this just SDN-washing by vendors, or are there real benefits (and challenges) you should be prepared for?

Efforts are underway to monetize WLAN investments, including social Wi-Fi, location-applications and beacons that aim to enhance the user experience (and perhaps wring a few more coins from pockets). We'll examine these technologies to help you find the right approach for your business.

Finally, the Internet of Things revolution is coming, and it will be wireless. IoT will touch every business, from healthcare to retail to manufacturing to facilities management and more. Wireless systems will need to support and protect more traffic, process more data, and monitor and manage more endpoints. Are you ready?

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