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A CISO's Perspective: Measuring and Communicating Information Security Progress

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April 29, 2015 10:30 AM

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV

Information Security is clearly a hot topic. It is top-of-mind not only for CISOs and CIOs, but also CFOs, CEOs and BODs. Many CISOs today no longer have to beg for resources and help. In fact, offers for additional funding from executive leadership are coming at times without asking. So how does a CISO know when he/she has sufficient funding? Is it ever OK for a CISO to not accept additional budget? CISOs need to be able to demonstrate how well information security risk is being managed. It is only then can they effectively understand and communicate to various stakeholders when they need more resources or when resources are being optimally managed. Being able to have this conversation is what differentiates CISOs. By communicating information security risk in a structured and non-technical manner, CISOs become thought leaders within their organizations - impacting not only security but also business strategy. Learn how Caterpillar uses a strategy, a capability maturity model, and a program management office to prioritize investments, communicate progress, and ensure alignment for its 5-year Information Security Transformation.

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