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Rapid testing, rapid development - Increase your development speed by reducing your feedback loops

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October 16, 2010 12:15 PM

Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel, Boston, MA

Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel, Boston, MA

Development speed is all about the ""feedback loop"" between coding and testing the result. As any jQuery project grows more complex the developer's feedback loop grows bigger. It goes from ""save, reload, check result"" to ""save, reload, log in, enter data, submit, check result"" and sometimes much worse. This talk is about jQuery plugins and general tips that will help you reduce that feedback loop and reclaim that time to make development faster, less tedious and more fun.

This talk will show how jQuery plugins like Mockjax can speed up development by reducing dependencies on the backend and preventing conflicts with other developers. It will also show how you can use jQuery testing frameworks like QUnit and UITest to not only test your code but to help you quickly automate the tedious parts of your feedback loops. Additionally, regardless of whether or not you use jQuery, it will provide some general pointers on speeding up front end development.

You may not walk away from this talk as a better developer, but you will know how to become a faster developer.

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