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Contextual jQuery

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October 16, 2010 1:15 PM

Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel, Boston, MA

Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel, Boston, MA

The enemy of maintainable code is extensive configuration. Popular frameworks like Ruby on Rails showed just how much can be accomplished by using convention over configuration. Since so much instructional data is described by the HTML of your site, why should you need to redefine it all again in JavaScript? In this session, learn how to develop clean jQuery code that responds to its context instead of the traditional, define everything, top-down approach. Learn how to develop and use conventions in your web sites to minimize the amount of page specific jQuery that is needed. This session will dive deep into the DOM traversal methods of the jQuery API where you will learn the difference between brittle and fluid traversal methods, strategies for structuring your HTML, and how to leverage some of the more obscure jQuery selectors. As part of learning how to code Contextual jQuery, this session will also cover tips and tricks on using both traditional and live events to write more effective, responsive code.

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