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October 17, 2010 7:00 AM

Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel, Boston, MA

Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel, Boston, MA

I once had a dream that we lived in a perfect world with perfect development environments and the most amazing part of this world was how well everybody got along. IE scored 100/100 on the ACID test, MongoDB was perfectly safe to store your data in, and jQuery... well jQuery had a posse.

During your first interactions as a jQuery user, hide() and show() were all you ever needed. They were the answer to your cross-browser woes, and you were satisfied.

Time would tell that you quickly outgrew your satisfaction, like the first hit of a powerful new drug. Suggestions suddenly needed to be automated, dates suddenly needed to be picked, and JSONs begged to be AJAXed. You were one jQuery year older now, and things made sense again, jQuery still had the answers.

Now you're a big kid, and you know what's up. You've lost your innocence, and you've realized that John Resig used to bully Eddy Stevens in 5th grade, the tooth fairy never existed, and that in some cases, jQuery didn't have all the answers. Yes. You realized that jQuery was a tool.

Get out of your dependency-management induced depression and check out what jQuery's best friends have to offer. Your templating woes are no match for jQuery's posse. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that in my dream, when jQuery and it's posse would combine their collective powers, they'd form some sort of colorful superhero guy that tried to clean up the web. I don't know if that's relevant but it was pretty sweet, so...

jQuery is perfectly suited to work well with other libraries and tools that don't live on the jQuery namespace. This talk will give you some insight on some of the best tools that you should be using alongside jQuery. They aren't necessarily plugins, but they aren't necessarily not plugins, either. They are just my best recollection of jQuery's superhero crime-fighting posse.

Always remember, when there was only one set of DOM nodes in the sand... that's when jQuery was carrying you.

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