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Exploding the internet with jQuery and CouchDB

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October 17, 2010 7:00 AM

Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel, Boston, MA

Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel, Boston, MA

In this talk we will step through building a jQuery application that interfaces with a CouchDB document store directly from the client. We will look at some of the unique aspects of a new paradigm in which the client can write directly to the document store with zero server side application code. We will also take a look at extending some of the core principles behind CouchDB's architecture to the client using jQuery.

CouchDB should be in every jQuery developer's tool belt. Couch is the NoSQL database with a built in REST HTTP interface, powerful state management, views written in JavaScript and robust versioning.

The power of the modern browser is increasing everyday. New features that allow JavaScript programmers to write real software are coming out at an alarming pace during this third Browser War and JavaScript in the client is becoming a more viable place to run software. Technologies like CouchDB are one of the key pieces in this process of thickening the JavaScript client.

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