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Keeping Current with Google Calendar

A talk by David Dahl at edUi 2010

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November 8, 2010 6:00 AM

Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville, VA

Learn how to use Google Calendar as a calendaring system for populating content on a website. Albert S. Cook Library at Towson University runs numerous service desks, contains several departments, and hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Keeping service hours and event information current on the library’s website had always proved troublesome, requiring manual updates or data entry into one of many homegrown databases.

To solve this, the library has recently begun migrating various calendaring systems to Google Calendar. This useful Google application provides a user-friendly way to create, edit, and delete library hours and events while providing various methods of displaying calendar information on the library’s website, using either the Google Calendar API or pre-existing Calendar Gadgets. Calendars can be managed from one central location, and permissions to edit can be shared out to anyone with a Google account.

Examples of Cook Library’s use of Google Calendar and the Google Calendar API will be shared along with other potential uses for educational organizations.

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