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Weirdest Insurance Filed

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March 3, 2015 10:00 PM

Insurance companies have been around for hundreds of years that almost all of things needed to be insured are already listed, yes, even the unimaginable. Here are some of the weirdest insurance claims that even us, Axis Capital with a group of insurance companies all over the world and has been in the industry for decades, consider odd and unique. Ideas never really fail to surprise and amuse us.

Werewolves, Vampires and Zombie Insurance

While there are lots of people who believe in the zombie apocalypse caused by so many zombie series like The Walking Dead, there are still people who have not gotten over with Twilight with all the Werewolves and Vampire talks. You can now insure deaths or attacks caused by these creatures.

Paranormal Investigation

Yes, there are indeed real paranormal societies out there who hunt wandering souls and spirits for a living. Like any business organization, they would also want to be insured for public liability and professional indemnity coverage.

Haunted House

Now, speaking of hunted, have you noticed that there are a lot of hunted house around? In almost all countries, there are such places, sometimes, in every location, there are a few. As with any themed event or attraction, it’s important for those who run a haunted house to have general liability coverage for third part visitors to avoid any complaints from stressed parents. Example of the claims for this is a report for an American child who suffered heart attack when one of the “ghosts” appeared on one of the most famous hunted house attraction in Jakarta, Indonesia. Unfortunately, the accident insurance in Jakarta does not cover such circumstances.

Immaculate Conception Coverage

In UK, an English insurance company sold insurance to protect three sisters from virgin birth, or the Immaculate Conception with the policy covering the cost of raising a child in this manner. However, after many complaints from religious orders, they finally cancelled the policy.

Alien Abduction Insurance

In case you are concerned that one of these days, UFOs may come and abduct you, fear no more. This kind of insurance will cover you for such circumstance. If you are also thinking that you may be the only one who have taken advantage of this, no worries, 20,000 people in US alone have already paid this kind of insurance. Beware of scams, though, before you claim anything.

Asteroid/Meteor Insurance

Now that we are tackling objects from space, there are also unusual policies that cover casualties from any asteroids or spatial accidents. It is weird but it is also scary. And because it is, in fact, possible that such an incident could occur (some scientists say probable); there are insurers that will provide coverage for those folks who would like to play it safe.

Wedding Insurance

This kind of insurance, although unusual are considered necessary especially on the prices of wedding fees nowadays. There are a lot of things that can go wrong on your wedding day, including injuries.

Body Parts Insurance

This might be usual and common nowadays among celebrities since they invest a lot in their physical looks. A smile, a finger, a boob, a leg or any of your body parts including the tip of your hair, you can insure considering that it is really important to you. Still, some celebrities choose the most unusual part of their body with the most bizarre cost.

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