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But My 802.11n Is Only 2 Years Old

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April 30, 2015 3:15 PM

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV

Many organizations have recently finished expensive 802.11n deployments, just to see the explosion of wireless devices and 802.11ac render these designs obsolete. It is painful and expensive to completely redesign these wireless networks all over again, but we also have to satisfy user requirements and anticipate future needs.

If you've already built an 802.11n network, how do you support the ever-increasing number of wireless devices on your networks? If you're considering a change, should you adopt 802.11ac Wave 1, hold out for Wave 2, or continue deploying 802.11n? How do you design your WLAN as it pertains to your standards choice? What effect will it have on wired network requirements? How do these decisions affect capital and operating expenses?

This session will share lessons learned from the speaker's experiences in university settings, including how to approach migrating to 802.11ac, how to redesign networks to support -65dB in the 5Ghz band, and how to creatively minimize costs as the number of APs on campus doubles over the next three years. Matthew will discuss what worked, what didn't, and where he plans to go in the future.

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