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Reia: Ruby Evolved

A talk by Tony Arcieri at mountain.rb

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October 7, 2010 6:30 AM

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado

We all love Ruby, but it has its foibles, especially when dealing with issues like concurrency or I/O. Reia is a new language which serves up Erlang sandwiches on warm, crispy, delcious Ruby-flavored buns. Reia makes it easier to solve the kinds of problems which are presently difficult in Ruby, such as building complex distributed systems which can automatically leverage all of the cores of a host CPU. Reia lets you build Erlangy systems leveraging robust distribution, fault tolerance, and concurrency, all without having to deal with Erlang?s nasty syntax. Reia wraps up the elegance of Ruby and the power of Erlang in a single, delicious Reia sandwich.

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