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Diamond Sponsor Presentation: Bring order to your tagging chaos with data quality assurance

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March 31, 2015 8:50 AM

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

From traffic acquisition to online business conversion through visitor behavior knowledge, data quality assurance is the key to digital analytics success. In just 20 minutes, Julien Coquet will share his unique approach to making data QA a reality.

In 2015, decisions involving billions of dollars are still based upon inaccurate data.

Tagging is still mandatory for measuring conversions and yet still unable to match the evolution of website lifecycles.

Fast-changing content, process pitfalls and technological shortcomings are some of the main reasons leading to loss in traffic acquisition, inconsistent visitor behavior knowledge and poor online business conversion.

Julien will share how to setup simple, efficient & powerful processes to:

  • maximize traffic acquisition
  • optimize visitors knowledge
  • boost business conversion

See how a solution like Hub’Scan lays the groundwork for Digital Analytics BPR.

Learn how to drive customers towards success by collecting 100% relevant, accurate and actionable data 24/7.

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