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Sense of Urgency. What I learned from burning down my (parents) house.

About the Talk

October 8, 2010 1:00 PM

Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine

Duration: 90 minutes

July 1991 Yves` parents go on holiday. Leaving him (19 years old) to guard their house. 1 august 19 hour 36 minutes: Yves? parents house burns down. It was Yves? fault. And yet it was the best thing that happened to him till 2002. If you want to know why, come to our session.

This interactive talk will show you why a crisis is a good thing. We make the link to agile transitions and how coaches can use a crisis. Why do people change? Do we consider their interests when making a change?


Although this is a talk, it is an interactive talk. The talk is based on the book: A Sense Of Urgency.

We explain the theory of the book. We ask the audience for examples of this, and then add examples of our own experiences. So for each of these topics there is an interaction with the audience.

Intended audience:

* Anyone that is involved in any kind of change project.
* Coaches that help teams/people to change.
* Anyone who is in a crisis right now ;-)

Learning outcomes

* We will show that a crisis is actually a good thing.
* We show how to use crisis in change management.
* We show how to use crisis constructively while coaching or on an Agile project

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