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ScrumMaster's Journey

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October 9, 2010 6:00 AM

Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine

Once upon a time there lived a ScrumMaster...

ScrumMaster had begun as a regular manager in the ordinary company, and then he received a call to enter the unknown Agile world of strange powers and events. The ScrumMasters had accepted the call and faced a lot of tasks and trials. But SM survived them all and received a great boon from the Goddess of Agile. At some moment he had to decide whether to return to the ordinary non-agile company from the Agile wonderland. SM decided to return though he often faced challenges on his return journey. When SM had finally returned successfully, he used the boon to improve the company (and to become an Agile coach).

Sounds familiar, right? This is "The Hero's Journey" with a ScrumMaster in a place of Hero. But is ScrumMaster really a hero? What are his calls, challenges, and what is the boon? Where's the Agile wonderland and who is the Goddess? How will he finally uses her boon to change the ordinary company?

These are the questions I tried to answer during my speech.

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