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How can Brands tap into the Online Zeitgeist?

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October 16, 2010 4:30 AM

Cadillac Ranch, Nashville, TN

Cadillac Ranch, Nashville, TN

Chris Houchens, the author of the 2010 book Brand Zeitgeist, will show how to use the zeitgeist to create a winning brand strategy.

Chris will offer several real life case studies on how brands are embedding themselves into the online zeitgeist. The sesssion will offer attendees ideas for how they can do the same.

In this session Chris will talk about:

?Logo vs. Brand ?Brand Evolution ?Guiding the Word-of-Mouth conversation ?The 3 essential elements of any successful brand ?How do you measure a brand?

You can use fundamentals of human nature, sociology, the web, and some common sense marketing to keep your personal or corporate brand on the forefront of what people are thinking and talking about.

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