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Continuous deployment of Clojure web applications

A talk by cemerick at Clojure-conj

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October 23, 2010 11:50 AM

Durham, NC

Durham, NC

Building applications with Clojure and its web frameworks is a relatively well-understood process. However, programmers and organizations often find themselves ill-prepared to deploy their creations to the wider world in ways that maximize reliability and scale, minimize administrivia, and accelerate the time spent between conceptualizing new capabilities and getting them into the hands of users and customers. This talk will present a Clojure-centric approach to the deployment problem, using jclouds to coordinate the provisioning of resources, and pallet to declaratively configure those resources and deploy applications. Depending upon the time allotment, integrating this process into Hudson to "close the loop" on a continuous deployment process will be described and exhibited.

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