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Cross-device applications development

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October 22, 2010 7:25 AM

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Kamil will talk about the development of mobile applications with technologies that let you write code once and run it on several mobile phones platforms (and beyond that), all that using your favorite JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

He will talk about different toolkits that enable cross-platform applications development with the focus on his framework of choice - PhoneGap. You will learn how to build your first application and about the tools and JavaScript frameworks you can use. Combining experience from his current project at Nokia and his own personal research he will discuss best practices, platforms performance and challenges that you will inevitably have to deal with when developing for mobiles.

On top of that we will see who else is using PhoneGap and learn when it is the right approach and when it would be better to stick to multiple dedicated applications.

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