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Harvesting opinions - Firefox 4 beta

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October 22, 2010 6:10 AM

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Mozilla has always aimed to innovate and improve ways that empower its global community to work together in harmony and produce world class products. It's what we call "a hybrid approach", where staff and volunteers work side by side.

As we prepare to release Firefox 4, the most important revision of Firefox since its 1.0 release, we are doing something no one has ever succeeded in doing before - collaborate with an army of 2 million beta testers and help them share their opinions on Firefox 4 UI/UX and influence decision-making in deep, meaningful way, blending it seamlessly into the world of our small UX task force team.

To achieve this, we had to develop collaborative processes and tools, and go that extra mile to be as open and inclusive as possible. This is the Mozilla way of working, and we are happy we got the results we wanted while staying true to our values. In my presentation I'll show you how we did this.

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