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November 13, 2010 10:45 AM

101 Roosevelt Ave. Eau Claire, WI 54702 USA

101 Roosevelt Ave. Eau Claire, WI 54702 USA

jQuery is an extremely popular and fast growing Javascript Library that focuses on cross-browser support and simplifying the act of writing client-side scripting. This small Javascript library packs a big punch for HTML developers looking to add increased client-side functionality to their web sites. jQuery features simple HTML DOM element selection and traversal, event binding, CSS manipulations, animation, and AJAX functionality.

jQuery also boasts an extensibility aspect with a very large implementation base. You can easily find a jQuery library to achieve many different web functions that you may already be looking for.

This presentation will focus on getting you started with jQuery development and how you can use it with HTML, CSS, and Images to create some very neat effects with relatively little effort.

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