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Get Off My Site! Getting what you need and getting back to work

A talk by Ben Kimmel at edUi 2010

About the Talk

November 8, 2010 4:45 AM

Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville, VA

Web sites serve three primary functions; to sell; to entertain; to inform. These three ideals come together in sites of beauty and clarity, which are crucial to the usability and longevity of the web. However, many sites within an institution or organization have a singular purpose: to inform.

During a time of tightened budgets, stretched resources, and a massive amount of information competing for time and attention, informational web sites need to focus on expediting the delivery of information.

Within higher education it may make sense for the undergraduate admissions web presence to be dynamic and engaging, inviting the visitor to spend more and more time. But informational sites like postal services, or the disability management need to be built to help the visitor get their answers, get off the site, and get on with their work.

This presentation will give:

  • examples of sites where less is more

    using web statistics to determine where sites entrances and exits are

    desired best practices in using a CMS to streamline the development process

    tips and tricks to help your clients and partners understand the aesthetics of clear, clean, and condensed content

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