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October 22, 2010 6:00 AM

Acton Congregational Church, Acton, MA

Acton Congregational Church, Acton, MA

Acton Networkers is a volunteer networking group to help people in job transition. We are actually 4 independently run groups, three meeting weekly/bi-weekly on Friday mornings, and one that meets monthly. We have approximately 2200 members on our Yahoo group, and members are welcome to attend meetings at any group as their interest leads them. More information is available at our website

Jon DiPietro is a certified inbound marketing professional who helps companies get the most from their web presence. By using these same low/no cost techniques, individuals can harness the power of the Internet for their own personal career development goals. Jon's "Personal Inbound Marketing" presentation will reveal the five principals of inbound marketing and show how even non-technical people can expand their professional network and establish powerful online brands for about $6 per month.

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