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November 3, 2010 10:50 AM



Let's just say that there are other things in life that you considered to be more important than fluff on using alternative data stores. However, lately, you noticed that all your friends started talking NoSQL, leaving you clueless on what they were talking about. This is your chance to catch up.

This session aims to provide you with enough data on NoSQL to bluff your way through NoSQL discussions in style. Better yet, you will walk away with a ton of information for answering one of the most important questions of all time: "how on earth am I going to handle the load that is coming my way?"

The data storage solutions kindly commonly referred to as NoSQL solutions are without any doubt providing an answer to that question. We will talk about the historical context from which these solutions grew, about the challenges to balance consistency, availability and partition tolerance, about different transaction models (BASE, Paxos, ACID), about common implementation mechanisms such as vector clocks, consistent hashing, common data models, and last but not least, discuss implementations such as Cassandra, HBase, Voldemort, CouchDB, MongoDB and more.

So, will this make you into an instant expert on this subject? Perhaps not. But you will walk away with enough information to see the need for NoSQL, to understand the pros and cons, and to consider the application of NoSQL in your own projects. (And you will obviously be the most popular guy/girl in town.)

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