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History of RDoc and RubyGems

A talk by Eric Hodel at RubyConf 2010

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November 11, 2010 5:25 AM

New Orleans

New Orleans

Both RDoc and RubyGems are projects that live at the core of Ruby. RDoc was added to the standard library in Ruby 1.8.1. I started improving RDoc in Ruby in 2006 and releasing it as a gem in 2008. Over that time I've overhauled most of RDoc in order to make it easier to use, understand and modify. RubyGems was added to the standard library in Ruby 1.9.0. I started improving RubyGems in 2005 and took over releasing it in 2007. Over that time I've made RubyGems easier to use as a tool, as a library and I've improved the ease and speed of installing gems We will cover how RDoc and RubyGems moved from slow, poorly tested and slightly neglected project to their faster, better tested modern counterparts.

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