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Debugging Ruby Systems

A talk by Aman Gupta at RubyConf 2010

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November 11, 2010 5:25 AM

New Orleans

New Orleans

Ruby might be slow, but bad code only makes it worse. This talk will teach you how to use powerful tools to see how your code is executed, so you can understand, debug and optimize it. The talk will cover techniques that can be used to troubleshoot production ruby deployments from three perspectives: the operating system and process, the C code VM, and the Ruby code in application itself. Each tool will be presented with a variety of real-world examples of how it was used to solve problems in a popular library or application. This talk will cover the following tools: lsof, strace, tcpdump, perftools, perftools.rb, ltrace, ltrace/dl, gdb, gdb.rb, bleakhouse, memprof, and rack-perftools_profiler

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