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It’s Time for a Ruby Editor

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November 11, 2010 10:05 AM

New Orleans

New Orleans

Redcar is a cross-platform GUI text editor. Why another editor? Because Redcar is written entirely in Ruby and you can install it as a gem now.

When you use Redcar, you know that every command you use you can hack in Ruby if you want to. You can read the Cucumber tests of each text operation. You can write interactive plugins using HTML 5 and JavaScript that interoperate with Ruby controllers. You can fork the editor on GitHub and contribute a patch that will reach master today.

Redcar takes advantage of Ruby's dynamism. Users can extend the editor with new commands while it is running, which we will do during this talk. We'll also look at how Redcar defines plugin APIs for working with text and creating tree views.

Java has Eclipse and Netbeans. Python has IDLE and Wing. Perl has Padre, but where are the Ruby editors? It's time for an editor in Ruby for Rubyists.

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