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The Magic Slate: From Print to Tablet to Handheld

A talk by Dan Marcolina at PePcon 2015

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June 2, 2015 4:00 PM

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Tablet and handheld mobile devices have radically changed the opportunities designers and publishers have to communicate, educate, and express. We can expand upon our rich and varied backgrounds in print by adding touch, sound, and motion to move audiences into an intimate interactive 10-inch space. This requires new thinking — not only scale, placement and color translation, but also navigation, social mobile hooks, metrics, virtual doorways, and iconography. Unlike the print and desktop web experience, the "magic slate" can offer unique mobile brand enhancements that take advantage of location, direction, speed, angle of view, time of day, and even user habits. Clearly, this demands holistic design thinking, and yet it always comes back to good “page” design.

  • Why designing for the iPad is closer to print than digital
  • What good tablet design means for branding
  • How low-cost video can create a high-quality experience
  • Creative examples showing the translation from print to desktop to tablet to handheld

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