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The responsibility process

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November 16, 2010 5:00 AM

Radisson Blu, Oslo, Norway

Radisson Blu, Oslo, Norway

Some years ago I met Christopher Avery (PhD, on Agile conference and listened to one of his talks about the Responsibility Process.

Through thousands of years human brain have been trained to avoid responsibility, we have build an subconscious and automatic process to guard us against it. It´s always somebody else´s fault, right? It´s the circumstances :), not us, right?

In this lightning talk, I´ll try to present The Responsibility Process (TM) itself as well as my personal experiences about its practical usage. I´ll show you a way to become more responsible!

Learning outcomes: - learn how your brain works - be aware of your automatic responses when something bad happens - learn to identify the stages of The Responsibility Process - become more responsible - build responsibility in your teams.

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