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Path to Personalization

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June 14, 2015 1:20 PM

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

Personalization provides a significant opportunity to improve digital experiences, but unfortunately technology is currently outpacing implementation. Often, personalization is the Phase 2 that never happens.

In this workshop we’ll dive into the foundational keys of personalization readiness and discuss the areas of focus companies need to think about when planning for personalization. The Path to Personalization workshop will discuss personalization in the digital world, what the potential value is to your organization and, more importantly, your customers. We’ll also give an overview of the many options for personalizing content and share our point of view on how you should start down the path toward delivering personalized experiences.

Whether you want to focus your content development efforts, simplify your user experience, provide more value to your customers, fine tune your lead generation, or reduce the sales cycle, you’ll walk away with a down-to-earth framework and approach to getting started down the path to personalized content and digital experiences for your customers.

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