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Practical Techniques for Field Research

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June 15, 2015 11:20 AM

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

Regardless if it’s the first time or your hundredth time, conducting any sort of field research is always a bit of a daunting task. The planning and conducting of field research is a juggling act between prep work, interview skills, and synthesis of research data. While it does take practice and experience to get comfortable with the act of field research, there are lessons you can learn that will help you get past many rookie mistakes and get you to collecting invaluable information. This session will offer up some key tips for getting started with field studies and help to prepare you for future research endeavors.

  1. Planning and Prep - What documents can you produce before hand which help you manage the logistics and facilitation of field studies?

  2. Out in the Field - How do you conduct yourself once you’re sitting down with a participant and how do you “take care” of the participant over the course of a session?

  3. Finding the Patterns - What are some techniques for churning through the data collected during field research and how do you turn that into actionable design decisions and recommendations?

The world is changing faster than people can keep up, both physically and mentally. Field research is one of the key tools that designers can use to understand how new products and digital experiences can be designed to aid people with managing this growth.

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